Dental Tourism

Dental Tourism happens for a lot of reasons.But most of the time the choices are made on price considerations .Most often toursim in the dental healthcare sector happens from developed countries to low cost developing economies.It could also be due to the differences in funding of dental healthcare or ease of accessability to it.

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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full Mouth Rehabilitation is restoration of the mouth which includes every tooth in the top or bottom bend/arch. It is recommended for people whose teeth are completely broke, missing, damaged or worn-down. Damaged or worn – down teeth are not just unattractive but also cause problems in chewing.

Few reasons for undergoing Full Mouth Rehabilitation are:

1. Missing teeth
2. Short teeth
3. Mobile teeth
4. Absence of teeth showing when you smile
5. Dental restorations that chip or break frequently

Full mouth rehab helps to enhance your appearance and primarily improves functions of the teeth like chewing, biting and talking. Full mouth rehabilitation is a combination of various dental procedures.

Steps taken by our dental surgeons are as follows:

1. History of the Patient
2. Full mouth x-rays
3. Study models
4. Facial Analysis
5. Photos
4. Diagnosis and treatment planning

The time taken for the treatment is case dependent.

As full mouth rehabilitation is a combination of dental procedures it might require consultations with Endodontist, Prosthodontist, Cosmetic specialist, Implantologist and Periodontist. Signature Smiles provides you with one stop care for full mouth rehab.