Dental Tourism

Dental Tourism happens for a lot of reasons.But most of the time the choices are made on price considerations .Most often toursim in the dental healthcare sector happens from developed countries to low cost developing economies.It could also be due to the differences in funding of dental healthcare or ease of accessability to it.

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Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction is removal of a decayed tooth. It is done in cases when it is not possible to salvage of tooth by any other dental treatments

Reasons for Tooth Extraction:

Infection in the mouth which affects the bone and structure of the tooth
Decayed tooth which cannot be treated by root canal
To make space for braces treatment
A fractured tooth
A badly positioned tooth
A broken tooth which cannot be restored
Partially erupted or impacted wisdom teeth.

Simple extractions are executed by Dental Surgeons by giving the local anesthetic to numb the affected area.
At Signature Smiles we also perform surgical removal of teeth which is done by our oral surgeons.Surgical extractions are done to remove the teeth they are not easily accessible even if they are not yet fully erupted or still under the gum line. Sometimes a tooth that is difficult to remove must be taken out in pieces.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth are also referred as “third molars” but they often cause problem during their eruption (breaking through the gum tissue). They may only erupt partially as there is less space in the jaw. Also they may be embedded completely in the jaw bone. They exert pressure on other teeth causing pain and hence have to be extracted. Also they are difficult to clean as they are the last teeth and the tooth brush does not reach there. So if infected it is best to extract them. At Signature Smiles we have a team of experienced oral surgeons for such extractions.

Time Taken for the tooth extraction is a 2 sitting procedure.