Dental Tourism

Dental Tourism happens for a lot of reasons.But most of the time the choices are made on price considerations .Most often toursim in the dental healthcare sector happens from developed countries to low cost developing economies.It could also be due to the differences in funding of dental healthcare or ease of accessability to it.

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Dental Veneers are wafer thin, custom made shells of tooth colored materials to cover the front surface of teeth. They improve appearance by correcting imperfections like discolored, chipped & crowded teeth.

Dental Veneers can be made from composite or ceramic.
Ceramic veneers are esthetically superior stronger and stain resistant as compared to composite veneers.

Steps at Signature Smiles:-

1. Consultation with our cosmetic dentist. Your smile is analyzed. Your expectations regarding cosmetic improvements are discussed and understood.
2. Impressions are taken for study models and a mock-up is prepared to give you an idea of the final results.
3. Preparation of teeth and final impression is taken; Temporary veneers are placed.
4. In the final sitting, ceramic veneers are cemented.

Signature Smiles has a team of fine cosmetic dentists who creates smiles which transform lives.


These ultra thin veneers are made from ceramic and they need minimum or no preparation of the tooth.

They have a natural looking appearance are long lasting and stain resistant.

The advantage of these veneers is that no preparation of the tooth is required which means no discomfort or wearing and temporary veneers for a period of time.

At Signature Smiles, our experienced team carefully selects the cases which would be ideal for Thineers as they are only suitable for a small number of people.