Bruxism – Night Guards (Teeth Grinding)

Do you grind on your teeth or clench your teeth? Do you wake up in the morning with severe headache and pain in jaws? If yes then you suffer from a disease called Bruxism. As per the disease, a person has hypersensitive teeth, aching jaw muscles and headaches. In order to drive bruxism away, night guards are the most useful devices that will prevent a person from grinding and clenching their teeth. One needs to put the device around their teeth while sleeping.

It may be uncomfortable at the beginning but soon you will develop a habit of wearing them to bed. The night guard should be customized as according to the size and shape of the mouth.

Another solution to this problem is Neuro Modulators injections in the Massester muscle that helps the muscle and nerves to calm down and hence shuns this habit of grinding teeth.

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