Preventive Sealants

Sealents are thin protective plastic shields that are applied to the biting surfaces of the back teeth (the molars and premolars). A sealent helps to prevent bacteria or food particles from getting into the spaces in the teeth and causing tooth decay. It is a painless procedure and doesn’t require any drilling treatment or aesthetics. Dental sealents last for many years and can also be replaced once you feel they are obsolete.

At Agrawal Dental Clinic, we examine the teeth of our patient to let them know as to which particular tooth or teeth require sealents. This acts as a safeguard for your teeth to protect them against decay. The process of applying sealent is not time consuming and it hardly takes few minutes to apply a sealent to a tooth. But before applying a sealent, a tooth is cleaned and dried properly and then only it is applied.

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